Transaction Statuses and Transaction Types

When a Transfer is created via POST /transfers, an associated Transaction is created with queued status. If it involves at least one custodial transfer, once the custodial transfer is initiated, the status will transition to pending.

Once a Transaction is settled, whether it has asset movement in custodial level, or is synthetic-only, or is RDFI (no Transfer associated), it will have a settled status.

deniedAn authorization request that was rejected due to a variety of reasons (insufficient_funds, inactive_card, etc.).
expiredDebit card auth has expired.
failedThe Transaction has failed. This state indicates that one of the related Transaction Events could not be settled. A failed Transaction may require the reversal of a related Synthetic Line Item and/or Custodial Line Item.
pendingThe Transaction is being processed. This state will persist until all related Transaction Events have settled or could not be completed.
queuedThe Transaction is being prepared as a result of a Transfer request. Transactions that originate outside of Rize (e.g., debit card transactions, RDFI ACHs, direct deposits, etc.) will not be given this status.
settledThe Transaction is complete. All of the related Transaction Events are settled.

Transaction Types

How Rize groups transactions.

atm_withdrawalCash is withdrawn at an ATM using a Debit Card.
card_purchaseA purchase is made using a Debit Card.
card_refundA previous Debit Card Transaction is refunded.
corporate_actionAction by a publicly traded company that affects shareholders (e.g. dividend, stock split, etc.).
creditA credit to the account. Likely resulting from an Adjustment.
denied_authorizationDenied card authorizations. Here is a list of the Denied Auth reasons.
disputeIf a Customer claims that a Transaction was created in error, one or more Transactions will be created with this type to credit or debit based on the dispute outcome.
external_transferThis Transaction originates from a Transfer to or from an external Synthetic Account.
feeA fee charged to the account. This includes ACH reversals and Debit Card ATM fees.
inbound_wireWire transfer triggered from outside of Rize.
internal_transferThe Transaction originates from a Transfer between two Synthetic Accounts that are not of type external.
otherMiscellaneous Transactions, such as write-offs.
reversalNegates all or part of a previous authorization.
reversed_transferA previous Transfer is reversed; when a Transfer is reversed, the type of the original Transaction will be external_transfer, internal_transfer, or third_party_transfer.
third_party_transferThe Transaction was initiated from an external source. This will likely be an RDFI ACH, where an external source initiates a withdrawal from or deposit to the account.