Synthetic Account Statuses

A value indicating the overall state of this account:

initiatedThe Synthetic Account is being set up and is not usable. Currently this status is only applicable to the plaid_external category. A plaid_external Synthetic Account will have the initiated status when created. The status will be updated to active when the setup is complete. If an account is in the initiated status for 24 hours, the account will automatically be removed and the Customer can try again.
activeThe Synthetic Account is available for Customers to interact with. The Synthetic Account can be used in Transfers and transaction and balance inquiries.
archivedThe Synthetic Account is no longer available. Archived Synthetic Accounts will have a balance of $0.00.
failedThe Synthetic Account setup has failed. Currently the failed status is only applicable to the plaid_external Synthetic Account category. Synthetic Accounts will start in the initiated status before transitioning to the failed status. Rize will not retry setting up Synthetic Accounts in the failed status and will treat them as inactive.