Reissue a Debit Card

Reissuance may be requested when a Debit Card is lost or stolen, or when it has suffered damage. In the case of a damaged Debit Card, the original remains usable while the reissued card is being processed. The reissued card will have the same PAN as the original and the Debit Card UID will not change.

When a reissued Debit Card is requested because the original was lost or stolen, the original card is closed and the reissued card will have a new PAN. For Debit Cards reported lost or stolen, a new Debit Card UID will be provided by Rize to identify the reissued Debit Card.

The new physical Debit Card will be sent to the Customer's primary address, by default. If you would like to send the Debit Card to a temporary shipping address at the Customer's request, please use the Rize Admin tool to reissue the card.