Migrate a virtual Debit Card to a physical Debit Card

This endpoint is designed for Rize clients that offer both virtual and physical cards. A call to migrate the card will result in a physical version of the virtual debit card being issued to a Customer. If your program only offers physical cards, please see the POST /debit_cards endpoint above for guidance.

The physical Debit Card will be sent to the Customer's primary address by default. If the Card needs to be shipped to a different address, the address can be specified in the shipping_address field. Once a Debit Card request has been submitted, the shipping address cannot be changed.

The virtual card will remain active while the physical card is printed and shipped. When the physical card is delivered, it can be used immediately for transactions that do not require a PIN. When the Customer has received their Debit Card, they will need to set their PIN. After the Customer successfully sets the PIN, the Custodial Partner will notify Rize via call back and Rize will update the state in the system to normal.