Create a new Debit Card

Create a new Debit Card and attach it to the supplied Customer and Pool. The Synthetic and Custodial Accounts that belong to the new Card will be automatically determined.

The physical Debit Card will be sent to the Customer's primary address, set via the PUT /customers/:uid endpoint, by default. If the Card needs to be shipped to a different address, the address can be specified in the shipping_address field. Once a Debit Card request has been submitted, the shipping address cannot be changed.

When a Debit Card creation is successfully requested, the Card will be in the queued state. After the Custodial Partner issues the new card, it will move on to the issued state. When the new Debit Card is being produced, the card will be in the printing_physical_card state. After the Debit Card is produced it will be shipped to the Customer. When the Debit Card is shipped, the card will be in the shipped state.

When the Customer has received their Debit Card, the card can be activated and the Debit Card PIN can be set using the Activate a Debit Card endpoint and the Get Debit Card PIN token endpoint. After the Customer successfully sets the PIN, the Custodial Partner will notify Rize via call back and Rize will update the state in the system to normal.