A Pool is a construct Rize uses to associate multiple Customers to each other. A Pool is always associated with at least one Customer, but all accounts are only ever associated with a single Pool. This enables asset sharing and distributed ownership of accounts across multiple Customers.

Rize currently supports single Customer Pools, where one Customer is associated to one Pool and vice versa. All accounts, transfers, and transactions are associated with the Customer’s Pool, not the Customer. The Pool UID appears on several endpoint responses and may be required by the API in some instances.

Multi-Customer Pools is a beta product - contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to build with joint accounts involving multiple Customers and multiple Pools. A multi-Customer Pool represents a group of Customers within a Program that have elected to share assets with each other. All assets within a Pool are shared by all members of the Pool, but the initial creator of the Pool is designated as the owner of both the Pool itself and all Custodial Accounts that are created for the Pool.