Getting Started


Welcome to the Rize API docs! Here we’ll explain how to use our API to build your financial products and services using our network of banks and brokerages. Throughout these docs, we'll provide information about the Rize platform including our product offerings, terminology, endpoints, and what we have available to test in our Sandbox environment.

When you're ready to build, open a sandbox environment here. If you have questions, feedback, or a use case you want to discuss with us, contact us at [email protected].

About our API

The Rize API is organized around REST. With few exceptions, our API has standard resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded OR JSON-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Developer Tools

The following tools provide a framework to jumpstart development on the Rize platform. Refer to each public repo's readme documents for setup guides and additional functionality documentation.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center contains additional context and guides detailing our platform offerings as they relates to the functional use of our APIs.

Rize SDK

The Rize JavaScript SDK library provides an interface to all Rize API resources and makes it easy to authenticate, onboard customers, open accounts, and ingest information from the Rize Message Queue.

Rize CLI

The Rize CLI provides an application generator that can get you started with an example implementation. It will set up your database (MySql or Postgres), authentication provider (Auth0 or Cognito), and a middleware API to service your customer-facing application.

Prototype App

The Rize Prototype App provides a sample customer-facing mobile application written in React Native. It interfaces with the middleware API generated from the Rize CLI and demonstrates how to implement some of the key features available on the Rize Platform.