Direct Deposit Switching Using Pinwheel

Direct Deposit Switching using Pinwheel

Rize makes direct deposit switching available through a partnership with Pinwheel. Pinwheel is the market-leading income layer for financial services. Pinwheel offers APIs to access the data and controls within payroll platforms to power new financial use cases including Direct Deposit Switch. Currently, the Pinwheel endpoint is NOT available in our Sandbox environment.

Your application must render Pinwheel’s front-end modal, Pinwheel Link, to facilitate a direct deposit switch. Guidance on how to implement Pinwheel Link can be found here – including Javascript React Native, iOS, Android, and Flutter SDKs. When your Customers submit a request to switch their direct deposit, the steps outlined below will be facilitated by your application, Rize, and Pinwheel.

  • Your application requests a Pinwheel Link token through Rize using the pinwheel_jobs endpoint. You must supply the Rize Customer UID and Synthetic Account UID in your request.
    * Note: to request a direct deposit switch, the value direct_deposit_switch must be supplied in the job_names field of the request.
  • Rize retrieves the Pinwheel Link token from Pinwheel.
  • Your application launches Pinwheel Link, using the Rize supplied Link token. Instructions on how to render Pinwheel Link can be found here.
  • Your user searches for their payroll provider or employer and authenticates via the Pinwheel Link modal.
  • After authentication, Pinwheel notifies Rize of a successful direct deposit switch.
  • Rize updates the status of the direct deposit switch on the pinwheel_jobs endpoint.