Debit Cards

Debit Cards allow a Customer direct access to their funds via Point of Sale and ATM transactions. Each Debit Card is tied to a single Custodial Account and a single Synthetic Account which determines where transactions associated with the Debit Card will be settled.

This endpoint supports debit card management, such as requesting a card, activating a card, reporting a card lost or stolen, and locking and unlocking a debit card. The Custodian participating in your Program will define some characteristics of the card (maximum transaction limits, international usage, etc.) and these will be configured and communicated to you as part of the Program configuration.

Certain information about a Debit Card (such as the PAN, PIN, and CVV) are considered highly sensitive and are subject to strict PCI compliance requirements. As such, the process for issuing and verifying a card is a multi-step process that can only be completed by the Customer. At no time will the PCI restricted data be made available to either you or Rize. The last 4 digits of the Debit Card PAN and/or a unique card nickname can be used to identify the card to the Customer.