Adjustments (Fees & Credits)

An Adjustment issues a credit to, or assesses a fee against, a Customer's account. Rize will work with each Client to define a set of Adjustment Types, some of which will be fees and some credits. There is no restriction for the amount the fee or credit can be.

Clients may request Adjustments to a Customer's account by way of the Adjustments endpoint. Clients can choose, as part of their Program configuration, whether or not the Customer’s Account may go to a negative value as a result of an Adjustment.

The Adjustment Types endpoint returns a list of Adjustment Types configured for the Client's Program. Adjustment Types are the different categories of Adjustments that a Client may create. Without Adjustment Types, Clients cannot create Adjustments.

During configuration of your Program, you will be able to work with your implementation manager to create your own adjustment types (e.g. monthly membership fee, referral bonus, etc.).