Admin Tool Guide

The Rize Admin tool allows clients to service and maintain customer accounts through a user interface.

Getting Access

To get access to the Admin Tool on our Sandbox tier, sign-up at An invitation will be sent via email including all relevant information for establishing an account.

The Rize Implementation team will provide access to the Admin Tool on Integration and Production tiers.

Team Management

Sharing Access

After the Rize Team extends invitations for the initial Super Admin users for your organization, it is your responsibility to maintain employee users and access controls.

Users and their credentials are tier specific, meaning a user must be added onto each tier with the intended role for that tier.


Anyone with access to the tool can access information for every account. Never allow a customer to access the tool.

Once logged into the Admin Tool, click Account Settings on the bottom left and then select Team Management. Click Add New Team Member and complete the prompt with email address and role to send an invite.


It is strongly recommended to restrict access invitation within your organization's email domain.

User Roles

UserA User can view customer account and transaction data, administer cards, and perform Synthetic to Synthetic transfers on behalf of customers.
AdminAn Admin can invite team members to the Admin or User roles, lock customer accounts, and perform external transfers on behalf of customers. This role also has every permission of the User role.
Super AdminA Super Admin can invite team members to any role, lock and unlock customer accounts, and perform maintenance of external account transfers on behalf of customers. A Super Admin can also update a customer's shipping address while reissuing a physical debit card. This role also has every permission of the Admin and User roles.

User Administration

While in the Team Management screen, clicking the ellipses provides additional options to administrate other users within your organization. This requires Admin or Super Admin access to initiate.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

While we recommend the Google Authenticator as a free and accessible tool for MFA, any authenticator that allows setup via QR-code will work. In the event that a user needs to update their MFA (e.g. new phone), it can be initiated either from that users own Account Management page if they are already logged in, or by an Admin or Super Admin within the organization through User Administration.

Customer Lookup

The Customer Lookup page is the default page upon logging into the Rize Admin Tool on Integration and Production tiers.

You can utilize multiple search parameters to find and filter customers:

First NameCustomer's full, legal first name
Last NameCustomer's last name
External Client UIDCustomer identifier created and provided by the client at the time of customer creation
Rize Customer UIDCustomer identifier created and provided by Rize at the time of customer creation
EmailCustomer's email address on record
Account StatusRepresents the overall state of the Customer.
Account Verification StatusA value indicating the state of the customer’s KYC/AML evaluation.
Locked/UnlockedSorting between locked and unlocked accounts.

Customer Profile

Upon clicking into a customer record, you will be able to perform additional actions based on user permissions. For more tutorials on performing these actions when you have access to the Production tier, please see our knowledge base article here.

ProfileView customer information
Transfer funds
Issue fees and credits
Archive customer
Lock customer
Update customer information
Account VerificationView account verification status
View KYC warnings
Upload verification documents
Export customer verification activity
TransactionsView and export transaction data
ActivityView and export all customer activities
Synthetic AccountsView synthetic account details
Rename synthetic accounts
Initiate transfer to external account (push)
Click into specific synthetic account for additional details
Custodial AccountsView details on custodial accounts
Click into specific custodial account for additional details
External AccountsView details on connected external accounts
Rename external account
Initiate transfer from external account (pull)
CardsView and export customer card history and information
Lock or reissue a card
Click into specific card for additional details
DocumentsView and download account statements, tax documents, and acknowledged agreements

Sandbox Tier Functions

These additional screens are available with the Sandbox environment to support development.

Developer Launch Pad

The landing page on the Sandbox tier presents links to helpful resources and documentation to facilitate development.

Program Configs

The Program Configuration page displays Program Credentials required to initiate calls to the Sandbox tier, Message Queue access information, and Program Configs exposing limitations configured on the Sandbox tier.

MQ Console

The Rize Message Queue (RMQ) Console displays all RMQ messages published for your Program. Start the RMQ Console to begin logging events. Events triggered prior to starting the console will not be available.

Mock Transactions

Create a mock debit or ACH transaction for a customer in your program to simulate data.


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