Synthetic Accounts with Multiple Assets

Synthetic Accounts are what Client applications expose and what their Customers interact with. Synthetic Accounts are designed to track any asset type at any Custodian.

The Asset Balances array stored with a Synthetic Account contains information about the assets contained in the Synthetic Account. The Asset Type field in this array will indicate an asset name, label (e.g. USD for a cash asset), stock ticker, or fund ticker.

An example of a multi-asset Synthetic Account is below. This Synthetic Account has 10.5 shares of IAX and 6 shares of IATX. Both of these assets are held in the same underlying Custodial account. The combined value of these assets in USD is presented on the net_usd_balance value of the Synthetic Account.

The net_usd_balance of this Synthetic Account is $860.00 - made up of $800.00 from the current_usd_value of the IAX portion of the account, and $60.00 from the current_usd_value of the IATX portion of the account.

  "uid": "exMDShw6yM3NHLYV",
  "external_uid": "60689018-94e9-4870-970a-cc22f52c9c65",
  "name": "Long Term Savings",
  "pool_uid": "wTSMX1GubP21ev2h",
  "synthetic_account_type_uid": "xTRag6T14iuFTz2s",
  "synthetic_account_category": "brokerage",
  "status": "active",
  "liability": true,
  "net_usd_balance": "860.00",
  "net_usd_pending_balance": "860.00",
  "net_usd_available_balance": "860.00", 
        "asset_balances":  [
          "asset_quantity": "10.50",
          "asset_type": "IAX",
          "current_usd_value": "800.00",
          "custodial_account_uid": "4uJMJjNd5wjzPaCj",
          "custodial_account_name": "Target Yield Brokerage",
          "debit": true
          "asset_quantity": "6.00",
          "asset_type": "IATX",
          "current_usd_value": "60.00",
          "custodial_account_uid": "4uJMJjNd5wjzPaCj",
          "custodial_account_name": "Target Yield Brokerage",
          "debit": true
  "master_account": false,
  "account_number": null,
  "account_number_last_four": null,
  "routing_number": null,
  "opened_at": "2018-03-08T19:07:18.049Z",
  "closed_at": "2018-05-27T01:01:23.110Z",
  "closed_to_synthetic_account_uid": "4XkJnsfHsuqrxmeX"

API References

Synthetic Accounts:

  • View the asset makeup of the Synthetic Account, the USD value of the assets, and the USD value of the account