Synthetic Accounts

Synthetic Accounts are how Rize represents the assets held by your Customers. These are the accounts that customers view and interact with on your application. All Programs configured in the Rize Sandbox are given access to the same Synthetic Account Types and Categories.

The Synthetic Accounts available to a Customer depend on the Products they have onboarded into.

Customers onboarded into the Checking Account Product are assigned a default Synthetic Account called “Primary Synthetic Account”. Customers onboarded into the Checking Account Product can open up to ten Synthetic Accounts of type general and one Synthetic Account of type external.

Customers Onboarded into the Target Yield Brokerage Account Product have access to an additional Synthetic Account Category called: Target Yield Account. Synthetic Accounts opened under this category will contain a mix of USD and index funds. For guidance on how Rize represents multiple asset types within a Synthetic Accounts, please see our guide on Multi-Asset Synthetic Accounts.

See the API specifications for managing Synthetic Accounts here.