Single Customer Pools and Pools UIDs

A Pool is a group of Customers within a Program that have elected to share assets with each other. In the Rize Sandbox, multi-customer Pools are not enabled. Only single Customer Pools are available, where one Customer is associated with one Pool. Single Customer Pools in the Rize Sandbox function identical to single Customer Pools in production.

All of the Customer’s accounts are associated with the Customer’s Pool, not directly to the Customer. You will see the Rize generated Pool UID returned on the Customers endpoint after your Customer is created. Because the Customer accounts are associated with the Customer’s Pool, the Synthetic Accounts, Custodial Accounts, Transfers, and Transaction endpoints have references to the Customer Pool UID.

The Pools endpoint in the Rize Sandbox does not offer any functionality. A Pool for a Customer is created after the Customer completes onboarding. The Customer-Pool relationship in the Rize Sandbox cannot be modified. The Pool associated with the Customer does not change and the Customer’s Pool UID remains static.

See the API specifications for Pools here.