Rize sends real-time event notifications for our Clients to consume when significant events occur. We use Apache ActiveMQ as our message broker. Clients may use a variety of protocols to connect to the message broker, including AMQP, STOMP, MQTT, and WSS.

Topics and Subscriptions:

  • Rize publishes messages to durable topics. The topic categorizes a specific event in each Rize environment. Clients will set up subscriptions to each topic to consume event messages.

  • The RMQ uses durable topics so that subscribers do not need to maintain an always-on connection to consume messages. A subscriber may disconnect and reconnect freely, always starting from the position in the queue where they left off.

  • Clients may set up multiple subscriptions to the same topic, and each of these subscriptions will receive their own copy of each message. No subscription will receive messages that were sent before the durable subscriber was established.