Mobile Wallet Guide

The tasks below describe the required steps for enabling your Rize issued debit card on the
Samsung Pay, Google Wallet (pay), and Apple Wallet applications. Please note this only applies to production.

Step 1: Please sign the provided terms and conditions to enable your Mobile Wallet feature on iOS devices. Note: The Samsung and Google applications do not require any additional signed disclosures.

  1. Apple Pay Terms and Conditions for Mastercard issuers. (This document must be signed as-is and can’t be changed)
  2. The TOU for Google Wallet must be in UTF-8.

Step 2: Please provide a card art image that meets the following criteria:

  1. Card Art
    1. Foreground - Hex code or RGB color value
    2. Label Color - Hex code or RGB color value
    3. Background - Hex code or RGB color value

  2. Issuer logo- needs to be 1372 x 283 pixels, supplied as a PNG image in RGB color format or a PDF vector resource.

  3. Mastercard logo- needs to be at least 18.0mm in width and 11.1 in height.

  4. Card Icon- this icon is used for items such as notifications related to the card and/or account. Must be supplied as a PNG, 100 x 100 pixels.

  5. Card Background – this card image is used to represent the digital car in the wallet.
    Requirements are 1536x 969 pixels in a PNG format. This image should contain the MasterCard logo.

  6. The image must exclude unnecessary physical card elements (for example, embossed attributes, magstripe/personalization, EMV chip faceplate/contacts, hologram) and should not have rounded corners, any shading or three-dimensional elements attempting to look like a physical card. The image should not include the cardholder name, Account PAN, or expiry.

For questions please contact your Rize Implementation Engineer