External Accounts

Your Customers will need a method to fund the accounts created for your Program. Connecting an external account in the Rize Sandbox lets you stage a funding method for your Customers and validate how the functionality will work in your application.

Rize supports external account connections by creating a Synthetic Account of type external or plaid_external. The plaid_external Synthetic Account type requires a Plaid account and minor integration with Plaid. This arrangement is described on the Rize <> Plaid Partnership page here and the Rize API documentation here, under “External Accounts Using Plaid”.

After either a plaid_external or external Synthetic Account is created, you can move money from the staged external account to/from your Customer’s Primary Synthetic Account using the Transfers endpoint.

When creating a Synthetic Account of type external, no authentication is performed. The external account information provided will not initiate a connection to a financial institution or initiate a transfer. We assume the connected external account in the Rize Sandbox has an infinite balance.

When creating a Synthetic Account of type plaid_external, the Rize Sandbox can be configured to accept a valid token retrieved from the Plaid Sandbox or to accept any value supplied in the plaid_processor_token field. Please let your Rize contact know which method you would like configured when you begin testing in the Rize Sandbox.

In the Rize Sandbox, we recommend that you connect an external account. This will enable you to test transfers from the external account to the other Synthetic Accounts and view the resulting Transactions.

To add an external account in the Rize Sandbox, you should first list the synthetic account types available to your Program through the GET /synthetic_account_types endpoint here.

From the response, select the UID for the synthetic_account_type with a category of external. A response payload from the GET /synthetic_account_types endpoint is available below for reference:

"uid": "q4mdMxMtjXfdbrjn"
"name": "External Account",
"synthetic_account_category": "external",
"description": "This synthetic_account type will be used to generate externally connected custodial partner",
"program_uid": "Sw9DjTGJq5L1ctZN"

This UID must be used in your POST to the Synthetic Accounts endpoint to create an external account.

See the API specifications for adding a Synthetic Accounts of type external here.

Archiving External Accounts

Customers can archive and reconnect external accounts with some restrictions. A Customer can have no more than 5 unique external accounts over their lifetime. If a Customer reconnects an external account that was connected previously, it will not count towards their 5 account maximum. Rize only allows 1 archive and reconnect per 30-day period.